Graphic design, creative direction 

Edouard de Weissenburch is a fashion designer based between Paris and Brussels. Studying at La Cambre Modes, Edouard has a peculiar aesthetic. Edouard’s collections are characterized by the process of repurposing fabrics and garments into new silhouettes. Using found materials, deconstructing them and building them back up.

For the creation of Edouard’s identity we based ourselves on the same principle of repurposing and combining mutliple elements into one cohesive visual language. The ‘Edouard de Weissenburch’ wordmark has a classic, timeless aeshetic, matched with a modern sans-serif and small icons and shapes. It’s versatile and adjustable so it can grow with Edouard and his collections yet also timeless and eclectic to match the deconstructive style which is always present in the creations of Edouard. 

All images belong to Edouard De Weissenburch

In collaboration with Matthew Scorte and Nils Van de Cauter

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