Record design, creative direction 

Belgian/British pop-singer Tessa Dixson released her debut album GENESIS, March 2020 following her first EP ‘Abyss’. 

Working closing with Tessa herself,  A-Z production and creation of the visual aspect of the album was rolled out. Pivotal in the creation of both artwork, deliverables/communication for the album was the album title (GENESIS) referring to the first book of the Hebrew bible, in short referencing ‘the beginning of creation’ - The album artwork was shot in collaboration with Victor Pattyn. With handmade typography incorporated in the beauty look applied by Mathilde Van Hoof. The aim was to bring about a modern-day interpretation of classic, biblical imagery. During the design process Tessa’s graphic identity inspired by 90s visual culture merged into the biblical theme. Small visuals and icons represent the stages of genesis. Aswell as bold graphics and a rudimentary color palet. 

‘Er wenkt een mooie toekomst, ergens tussen Trixie Whitley en Lorde’ — Knack Focus 

Photography + postproduction by Victor Pattyn
Make-up & hair Mathilde Van Hoof 
Set assistance Sam Corijn + Sam De Cocker
Released under PIAS
Graphic design + creative direction in collaboration with
Nils Van de Cauter for Vue Studio

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