Book design, art direction 

‘Alles Goed, Voor De Rest Minder - Over De Ontmaskering Van De Schone Schijn’ is Emma Gelaude’s third book published by Borgeroff & Lamberigts. In this book Emma takes you behind the facade of a picture-perfect life for a raw, honest story about the confrontation with herself and society. A journey through the darkest corners of her mind towards the liberation and awakening of so much more. It is not a gloomy story, but an instructive trajectory full of new insights and inspiring wisdom. Emma tells her story and asks a lot of questions so that you too can find your truth and discover your true potential.

The design of the book was inspired by the concept of ‘shedding light onto’ or ‘revealing the light’ - this concept manifests itself throughout different of design choices such as the gradient color scheme on the cover, going from dark to light. The photography on the cover, which depicts Emma facing a streak of light. The typography on the backcover which in itself is a gradient from font variations ultralight to bold. The overall aesthetic is inspired by literary novels of the 1960s & 70s. With bold typography and atypical colors. Each chapter has an illustrative page which translates the core message or question from this chapter into a diagram. These diagrams function as anchors. 

Photography by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle
Make-up by Ines Borginjon 
Published by Borgeroff & Lamberigts

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